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  • ETR8 Scoring!
    ETR8 Scoring! ETR8 scoring several tubes at the UC Davis 2011 FIRST Robotics Competition.
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  • ETR8 Finished!
    ETR8 Finished! ETR8 being completed and the first revision of this World Championship Robot!.
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  • UC Davis 2011
    UC Davis 2011 Team 1323 competes at various competitions across the United States.
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About the Team!

MadTown Robotics is a group of dedicated students, mentors and parents that strive to spread the message of FIRST...

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Welcome to the FIRST Scholarship Program
Many colleges and universities, professional associations, and corporations offer college scholarships to high school students on FIRST teams. This is official recognition of the knowledge and technical and life skills these students have gained from participating in a FIRST competition.  For 2012, we currently have over 153 scholarship providers that are making available over 686 individual scholarship opportunities with a total value of nearly $15 Million!  As the season progresses, more scholarship providers will be joining our program.  So keep checking back here to see new scholarships!
FIRST Scholarships:
  • Vary from one-time awards of $1,000 to full four-year tuition (estimated at $160,000)
  • Are typically merit-based and cover a broad range of scholastic abilities
  • May be for STEM majors (60%); or for any course of study (40%)
  • Are usually for use at a specific college/university, but a few can be used at any school
  • Each have unique eligibility requirements, deadline dates, and application procedures
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MadStream is a whole new way to watch FRC matches. It allows users to watch multiple videos without switching screens and is well supported by FRC 1323 & FRC 604

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MadLib - 1323 CAD Library

MadLib is developed by Team 1323 in partnership with Dassualt Systems - Solidworks. Aimed at providing FIRST with CAD models of components, KOP, and robot designs.

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